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So here's some things you need to know about my version of Chara:

- Born intersex, identifies as non-binary and agender. Prefers they/them pronouns.
- They fell in the underground when they were 10-12. They're around 13-15 years old now (18+ for NSFW scenarios).
- This is Soft!Chara, which means they're the narrator and the flavortext. Outside meta, this means they follow around Frisk as a ghost guide through the Underground.
- As you can see in their icon, Chara has body-horror characteristics such as eldritch nightmare faces and black goopy tears/blood. They retain such characteristics when they are brought back to life with Frisk's help in an Everybody Lives/No One Dies scenario.
- Chara is not 100% evil, nor did they start out that way. Only being forced by the player do they give in to their darker tendencies and complete their transformation as a "true" demon.
- Chara's gone through many timelines, and has indeed almost completed Genocide run, but they were stopped by Frisk at the last second, aka "Chara hesitated when Flowey begged them not to kill him."
- Frisk is probably the one human alive they don't hate.
- Chara's life SUCKED before they fell down Mt. Ebott, as this comic illustrates. tl;dr they grew up in a cult where they became a vessel to sponge up the world's evil. The Dreemurrs were the first to ever treat them with kindness, which puts Chara at a loss how to interact with them. Suddenly becoming the messiah of the Underground didn't help matters either.
- Chara is paranoid and self-loathing, and they were suicidal while they were still alive. Occasionally suffers from dissociation. While it likely won't be brought up unless it's a serious thread, trigger warnings will be applied just in case.
- Chara engaged in self-harm before becoming a ghost forced them to stop. This will not be brought up in RP unless the other player has given the okay, and again, will be marked with trigger warnings.
- Expect Chara to be a sarcastic, cynical, tsundere asshole. Give them chocolate and they probably won't hate you. For a while.


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